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condolence of martyrdom Hazrat Roghaye (s.a)

Ruqayyah was the youngest daughter of Imam Husain (a.s). She was just three or four years old


After the martyrdom of the Imam and his followers in Karbala, the cruel enemy took her family into captivity and moved them to Sham (Damascus).

A ruined place was now their home. It was the night of Safar 5th, 61 A.H. Ruqayyah cried a lot, for she had really missed her father and wished to see him as if she hadn’t believed his martyrdom.

The stone-hearted Yazid ordered to take her father’s head to the ruins. When Ruqayyah saw her father’s head, she hugged it and cried a lot and spoke to him. She said all that had happened to them by cruelty of the enemy to her kind father. Then the innocent young girl passed away beside her father’s head.

Her shrine is in the Damascus

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