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Soureh Cinema Organization


Soureh Cinema Organization has developed its Cultural Cinematic career for more than three decades. Since 1981 this organization began its work with small projects and making short films and paved its way through the chaotic atmosphere of Iran"s cinema in the very first year of the Islamic revolution; therefore Sure Organization becomes more effective as possible. Its establishment in 1997 emphasized on the completeness and continuation of its activity, and this is implied as a turning point in the way it is organized and the development of its cinematic career to be more profitable in the country.

Soureh Cinema Organization has produced and distributed many short and feature films belong to its valuable history and it has also applied thought and determination of famous and responsible artists, performing facilities (cinemas), and its technical support to improve the national, credit and civilized cinema.Soureh Cinema Organization produced more than 100 great Feature Films by the famous Iranian directors and more than 500 Documentary, Animation and Short Films so far and has ownership of more than 90 cinemas across the country .

Soureh Cinema Organization


Latest Movies

The Time of Pomegranate"s Smile (Vaght-e Labkhand-e Annar ) -  Category: Short Film

Colchicum (Sourenjan ) - Category: Feature Film

SKIER (Esski baz ) - Category: Feature Film

Cypress Under water (Sarv zeer-e Aab ) -  Category: Feature Film

Dayan  -  Category: Feature Film


AnimationInappropriate Change of a Message   - Category: Short  




13:44 - 18/10/2018    /    Number : 714393    /    Show Count : 19


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