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Minister of Culture

Minister of Culture: Iranians appreciated knowledge, study in sanctions, hardship

Tehran, Nov 14, IRNA - Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance said the US has imposed dire sanctions but knowledge and study are more highly valued by Iranians, with the backing of culture, thought, and cultural diplomacy, are discussing vie the path of the book with the nations.

In his message to the 26th week of the book, which was read by Niknam Hosseini CEO of the book house in Kashan, Abbas Salehi said, "The miracle of the last Prophet (PBUH) is a perpetual and eternal book which is revealed to all mankind and is now honored in the days of the Prophet’s birth, we start the 26th week of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

“Week of the book, is an acceptable tradition and has been strengthened by the innovation of the people of culture and art, and more importantly, the Persians’ book loving, has lasted quarter of century”, he added.

Salehi noted, “This period of Week of the book also coincided with an occasion to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution which has been a sign of its maturity and the book is the memory and written treasure of history and thought of the Islamic Revolution.”

The 26th week of the book of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with the slogan "Sweet Mood of Reading", will be held from November 15 to November 21 with the participation and cooperation of more than 60 organizations, institutions, and associations active in book fields. 

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